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How You Can Help Ė If We All Speak Together, Weíll Be Heard Loud and Clear.

  1. Talk About It! Many Americans have no idea weíre still bringing in 1.5 million foreign workers a year to take American jobs. So talk about it, send emails and helps us communicate whatís going on. Talk to your friends and talk with the media. If we all speak together right now, weíll be heard loud and clear!
  2. Start Asking Our Leaders Questions:
    1. Why are we bringing in 1.5 million foreign workers to take jobs when 15 million Americans are out of work?
    2. Ask why Congressman Gutierrez is insisting President Obama stop worksite enforcement of immigration laws? Enforcement is opening jobs across the country for unemployed Americans. Unfortunately, since President Obama took office, worksite enforcement has declined significantly.
    3. Why arenít Jobs created by stimulus money just for American workers? Thatís right, there arenít safeguards in place to make sure Stimulus money jobs go to Americans? That idea was rejected! Right now, illegal workers and foreign workers are allowed to take Stimulus money jobs.
    4. Why are Congressman Gutierrez and Senator Schumer so adamant that we need to give illegal aliens amnesty and bring in more foreign workers now! Thatís not Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Thatís Comprehensive Amnesty. It would also be a Comprehensive Disaster for the American worker.
  3. Call President Obama at 202-456-1111. President Obama can make changes to the nationís immigration policies without Congressional approval. Call him and tell him we need to reduce the number of foreign workers coming to this country to take jobs, so American can get those jobs.
  4. Believe it or not, many in Congress donít know weíre still giving jobs away. If you want to help educate members of Congress, the Congressional switchboard can be reached at 202-224-3121.
  5. Join A CFAW Group. For that matter, join them all! Get active and letís make a difference.

If you send e-mail messages, include our website address ( so your contacts can learn more about us. Just click and drag to capture our website address and then copy it into your message.

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