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Interested In The Numbers?

Good! That's the first step to understanding the repercussions of reckless immigration policy. Here's where the numbers in the ad above came from.

  • 15 million jobless Americans

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Dec. 4, 2009 that 15.4 million people were in the U-3 category of unemployment, meaning that they were actively looking for a job but could not find even part-time work. Subtracting the estimated illegal aliens included in that number, that would mean around 15 million unemployed legal American residents (U.S.-born and foreign-born).

  • 125,000 foreign workers added each month

    Actually, there are far more than 125,000 green cards and temporary work permits given out each month. The 125,000 figure is the lowest, most conservative representation and excludes (a) renewal temporary permits to foreign workers already legally working in the U.S., (b) green cards to non-working-age immigrants, and (c) green cards to immigrants who already are in the U.S. working on temporary permits.

    The 125,000 figure includes recipients of temporary work visas (but excluding any renewals), plus only working-age green card recipients who were not previously working in the U.S. on temporary visas.

    The 125,000 a month figure comes from a 1.5 million a year figure calculated in this way:

    1. The most recent government data shows a yearly number of about 1.9 million separate foreign citizens who were either getting a new temporary work permit (not a renewal) or who were working-age immigrants getting a permanent work permit through a green card.

    2. We subtract 400,000 from the 1.9 million, leaving 1.5 million NEW recipients of one work permit or another. The subtraction is because, of around 1 million green card (permanent permit) recipients, about 400,000 were already legally working in the U.S. under temporary visas.

    3. The data backing up the 1.5 million figure can be found in a chart prepared by the Center for Immigration Studies based on government data, with sources listed. (See Table 10 at

      Those data show 947,340 new temporary workers came in 14 different temporary work visa categories. (From U.S. Department of State Visa Office)

    4. The table also shows the government's 12-month figure of 396,265 working-age green card recipients who had not previously been living in the U.S. The table also adds onto that the estimated 100,000 to 250,000 illegal aliens who were getting their first legal work permit.

    5. Adding the green cards to illegal aliens to the 396,265 green card figure and to the 947,340 new temporary work permit figure works out to a range between 1,443,265 and 1,593,605 who were new foreign workers with the legal right to take a U.S. job.

    6. That rounds off to about 1.5 million a year, or 125,000 a month, based on the most-recent government data. This calculation avoids double-counting anybody.

  • 8 million illegal alien workers

    On 2DEC09 at the Migration Policy Institute, Dr. Gordon H. Hanson of UC-SD and the National Bureau of Economic Research estimated 8.3 million illegal foreign workers in U.S. jobs.

  • 900,000 new temporary worker visas

    The U.S. Department of State's most recent annual report shows work authorization granted to 947,340 new temporary workers came in 14 different temporary work visa categories. (From U.S. Department of State Visa Office at

  • 1.1 million permanent foreign workers

    From the Department of Homeland Security's Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, 2008.

  • As many as 3 out of 4 immigrants were potential job-seekers

    Of the 1.1 million immigrants in 2008, around 75% were between the ages of 20 and 64 with full life-time eligibility to hold a U.S. job (Department of Homeland Security's Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, 2008).

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